You Can Have An Affordable Beauty Routine While At College

While at college, you probably don´t have the budget for a lot of expensive makeup but you still want to look awesome. However, fortunately, there are some great ways for you to save some bucks on your beauty routine and to create yourself an affordable beauty routine while at college (and beyond, of course!). Here are our four tips to save money on your routine:

Budget stores

Instead of buying the expensive brands, check the makeup section in some of the budget stores or cheaper drugstores. Or the private labels of some of the bigger department stores. This can seriously help you cut down the budget on your beauty routine and often the products are just as good. So, instead of going to the exclusive brands, research cheaper alternatives in budget stores and there you will already generate some major savings in your beauty routine.

Buy in bulk

For the products of your beauty routine that don´t expire quickly, try to buy them in bulk. For example, cotton pads, soap bars, facial tissues or shampoo and conditioner can perfectly be bought in bulk. You can find some good deals, especially online. Amazon, for example, is a great place to find a sweet deal. So, if you have some extra place in your cupboards, this might be a great way to save some money on your beauty routine.


Have you considered DIY-ing part of your beauty routine? For example, instead of buying expensive hair masks or conditioners, get yourself a made-at-home alternative. Apart from being cheaper, it is also much better for your hair. E.g. drugstore options are full of chemicals whereas the DIY options are mostly natural. For example, conditioning with olive oil or coconut oil is a great way to make your hair soft.

Go back to basics

What about cutting out some parts of your beauty routine? We are not saying you have to go completely bare-faced (unless you want to, of course!), but maybe you don´t need all of the steps in your beauty routine. Try going back to the basics and just apply the bare minimum that you are comfortable with. You will probably see that you don´t need as much makeup as you thought you did and that you look just as beautiful without it (or, even more beautiful!).

You will see that by just applying a few changes to your beauty routine, you can really have an impact on your budget.