Why You Should Set Aside Special Game Nights With Your Kids

In the daily chaos of a busy family life, it can be difficult to dedicate uninterrupted time to your kids. Between school, work, hobbies and just life in general, it’s often complicated to find some real quality time with your family.

A great way to consistently spend time together as a family and to do something fun is to set aside a special game night with your kids. Whether it’s every Sunday, every other week or every month, a planned game night can bring so much good for your family.

Apart from fun quality time together, here are five more reasons why you should set aside special game nights:

1. Disconnection for everybody

A night without phones, Netflix, TV or tablets will be good for everybody. Disconnect from anything work or media related and just have fun together. You will notice that although it’s called game night, the fact that you’re sitting around a table together also fosters conversations and just having a good chat together.

2. Learning to lose

Although your child might like to win and succeed at everything, there will be times in life when they will fail or simply not be the best at something. It is important to learn, from a young age onwards, to deal with such kinds of small disappointments and games are a great way to teach your child that they are not always the one winning. Game nights can help them learn about losing and be fine with it.

3. Games are good for a child’s development

Playing games is great for a child’s development. Dependent on the game it can stimulate, for example, their fine motor skills or brain development.

4. Teamwork

Games that are played in teams can stimulate teamwork between siblings or between parent and child. And of course, some healthy competition between the different teams which is always fun!

5. Learning fair play

Game nights are a great opportunity to teach your kids fair play and the benefits of not cheating, treating each other with respect and just having fun together.

Planning a regular game night can have loads of benefits for you as a family, so, what are you waiting for? Get those games ready and be prepared for lots of fun, good conversations and some true quality time which is always a nice break from the daily grind, right?

Have fun!