Why You Need To Plan Your Ramadan Menu Before The Holy Month Begins

Why You Need To Plan Your Ramadan Menu Before The Holy Month Begins

To make the most of Ramadan, it’s vital that we plan and prepare in advance. Preparing for Ramadan is not just spiritual and physical, but we should ensure we’re making practical preparations too, and one of the most important things to consider is what we’re going to be eating for iftar and suhoor.

Spending less time in the kitchen means you have more time to spend on acts of worship for Allah, so read on to discover our top reasons for preparing your Ramadan menu in advance this year.

You can ensure that your family are getting healthy and nutritious meals

When you take a haphazard approach to eating during Ramadan, it can become all too easy to rely on sugary snacks and carbohydrates rather than the nutritious meals we need to keep our bodies healthy throughout the Holy month.

Planning a weekly food menu enables you to ensure that you and your family are having balanced meals each day.

A planned menu allows you to prepare for friends and family joining you for Iftar

Friends and family celebrating Ramadan at iftar is an important part of the Holy month but can keep you tied to the kitchen if you don’t plan in advance. Sending out invitations before Ramadan begins and keeping track of who will be joining you and when means you won’t have a last-minute grocery shop, and you can plan a truly special celebratory meal.

Pre-planning your Ramadan menu helps with sharing the workload

We all want to spend the month on acts of worship for Allah, so spending time in the kitchen preparing food and cleaning up shouldn’t be left to one person. Encourage the entire family to work together to get things done by drawing up a schedule around your planned menu. Allocating different foods that can be batch cooked before Ramadan begins is a great way to lessen the workload.

Planning a Ramadan menu in advance can prevent food wastage

We all want to avoid wasting food as it’s a sin according to The Holy Quran, so planning each meal in advance is the best way of making sure we only cook what’s needed for who’s going to be around the table. Having the family record their movements for the month, so you know who will be at home for each meal is the best way of creating a Ramadan menu that works.