What You Need To Know About K-Pop And K-Beauty

K-Pop and K-Beauty can seem like something of an enigma to us in the rest of the world who see bright memes on the internet, and cutesy pop songs on YouTube, but what are these trends really about?

We’re here to give you the lowdown on K-Pop and K-Beauty, and how you can get involved with these Korean subcultures.

K-Pop is short for “Korean Pop Music”

You’ll have heard K-Pop before now, think Gangham Style and that’s what we’re talking about here. K-Pop has a few key elements to it that makes it a clearly defined subculture that’s loved around the world.

Creative use of colour and costumes are a key aspect of K-Pop videos, a lot of thought is taken to create an immersive experience with every element contributing to the meaning and message found within the video.

Extravagance and personality are found in abundance in the K-Pop world. Being unique is important and you’ll find some quite eye-popping personalities in the pop stars of this genre, particularly in western terms!

Fashion trends are started by the K-Pop stars that quickly spread around the globe, and might be how you first discovered the genre. Intensity and originality are the keywords when it comes to K-Pop fashion with quirky outfits that certainly make a splash in the fashion world!

K-Beauty is believed to be the secret to looking youthful

While the elixir of life is probably a myth, many celebrities believe that their K-Beauty routine keeps their skin looking youthful no matter what they put it through. Korean Beauty has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon as their entire aesthetic is the complete opposite to our sun seeking ways in the western world.

It’s about staying out of the sun as much as possible in K-Beauty rather than seeking out a bronzed tan wherever you go. Sun protection factor is important in K-Beauty products to keep skin protected and as natural as possible.

Consistent nurturing is the key to good skin in K-Beauty, there are no quick fixes to be found here. You might have heard of the ten step K-Beauty skincare routine before, and while that may be a little elaborate for us, playing the long game is important for great looking skin.

Customisation is important to ensure that you’re nurturing your skin with the right ingredients to promote good health. Paying attention to what you’re using and how your skin reacts to it is a simple way of ensuring that you’re not causing damage by using the wrong products.