What The Cool Kids Wear – University Fashion

Although when going to university the least important for others is what you will wear, you will probably still want to look nice and don´t stand out by being way too overdressed. There are some clichés that “everyone will be in jogging pants or PJs” at university because that is comfy and most people just roll out of bed before a lecture, especially in the first weeks you might want to step it up a little bit and get yourself properly dressed. But, what should you wear?

Here are some ideas for what to wear at university, or what the cool kids wear:

Jeans with blazer

You can´t really go wrong with a jean combined with a blazer and over-the-knee boots or ankle boots. Looking sophisticated, but not too fancy and still casual enough for university day to day life. You can also replace your blazer with a cardigan and go for sneakers to make it even more casual and comfortable.

Oversized sweaters

An oversized sweater is a must-have for every college student! Cosy, warm and comfortable, what else can you wish for! You can either go for a knitwear piece or one made of jogging material and there are different ways to combine them. If you want to avoid looking too bulky, go for something tight on the legs: either skinny jeans or a skirt with leggings.


If you want to go a little bit more formal, for a special occasion or just because you feel like it, have you tried an all-black look? Go for black pants with a nice black top and moccasins and you will look very fashionable!

Coachella vibes

A festival style will also work great! Shorts with a top and sneakers is a great way to go or a hipster kind of maxi dress. Both still comfy but much more fashionable then the PJ look!

Jeans with top or sweater

There is nothing like a good old jean with a (crop) top or a sweater. Combine with sneakers for a more casual day time look and get your heels out with that crop top for a great college party.

High-rise jeans with a white tee

Another great look is the high-rise jeans with a white tee and sneakers. You can dress up your white tee a bit with a statement necklace or a cute colorful scarf.

When it comes to college, during the day you probably want to get your laid back look out and look fashionable but comfy whereas during the evening you can go all out!