What Heels To Wear? Give Yourself A Stylish Leg Up

Heels can be a great addition to our outfit and can truly give us this feminine and fashionable look that we might be looking for on many days. But, picking the right heels is not always easy. First of all, you will want something that looks awesome but that doesn´t kill your feet during the day because they are so uncomfortable. And second, there are so many types of heels out there, that it might be difficult to pick the right ones for you for each outfit.

So, what heels to wear when? Here is a quick overview to get you started:


Let´s start with a classic pair of heels, the pumps. They are a must-have in any women´s closet and are perfect for going to the office, a formal event or for creating a business casual look with your jeans and blazer, for example.

Peeptoe heels

Dependent on where you live, now might not be the moment to get your peeptoes out, but they are definitely a style of heels that you should keep in mind for when the weather allows for it. They are perfect to show off your pedicure and really come in a large variety of styles, colors and patterns making them really easy to combine with your outfits. Peeptoe heels are perfect to combine with different types of pants.

Ankle-strapped heels

These heels tend to be a bit more comfortable because walking in them is a little easier due to the strap around your ankle that gives extra support. This style can be perfect if you want a somewhat formal look for your work, a great combination could be wearing them with a skirt and a tucked-in button-down shirt. They also combine very well with dresses and pants with wide legs.


If you want something a little more comfortable, wedges are the top choice for you. You will get the extra height but since the weight is distributed over the whole feet, it is much easier to walk in. Wedges can be a great combination with a wide variety of looks, from maxi dresses to more formal pants.


Finally, dependent on the weather, you might want to go for boots with heels right now to keep your feet warm. There are quite some choices out there but dependent on the weather we would advise a block type of heel instead of something very thin so you won´t slip on snowy or slippery surfaces.