What Every Man Needs To Know About Choosing A Belt

What Every Man Needs To Know About Choosing A Belt

Buying a belt may sound easy, but due to the large amount of choices out there, it may actually be quite a daunting task. Because, which one to choose?

And although many men might think so, a belt is not just a functional item for your outfit. Therefore, even if your pants don’t need a hold-up, if it has belt loops you should consider wearing one anyway to divide your outfit and have some sort of transition between your shirt and pants. A belt that is well combined with your outfit can really be a great eye-catching accessory that completes your outfit.

Don´t go for the cheap option

First rule of thumb for buying a belt is to not immediately fall for the cheap option. Fake leather belts and other inexpensive belts don’t last very long and will quickly fade making it look like you don’t care about your outfit so make sure you invest in a few quality belts.

Formality match

The second rule is that your belt and pants should always match in style and formality. So, suit pants, chinos and dark jeans require narrow belts whereas lighter denim jeans, cargo pants or cargo shorts could be worn with a wider belt.

Match with your shoes

This will immediately make your outfit look good, so a blue belt with blue shoes, a brown belt with brown shoes, a black belt with black shoes etc. The only time you should not combine your belt with your shoes is when you have white shoes, in those cases you would probably want to go with a black belt.

Match the material

Again, the importance of matching with your shoes but apart from the color you should also make sure the material matches. So, if you have leather shoes, your belt should be leather as well. If you have suede shoes, you should wear a suede belt as well. Canvas with canvas etc.

These are your ground rules for when it comes to choosing the right belt. However, not everybody wants to have a lot of belts or has a lot of shoes, in that case these are the only two belts you should buy:

  • One narrow leather belt preferably in the same color as your leather shoes for dress up days or for work
  • One wider canvas belt to wear with your sneakers (preferably in the same color of course!) for more casual occasions

Happy belt shopping!