What Does Your Earring Style Say About You

earring style
When it comes to earrings, there are probably just as many styles as personalities out there. There are literally so many types of earrings that it is hard to write a short post about all of them because that would simply be impossible. Whatever your style or personal fashion preferences, you will be able to find plenty of matching earrings to go with it. But did you know that your earring style can also say something about you? Here are some indicators on which earrings fit which personality.

You like simple

If you are somewhat of a minimalist, chances are big that your favorite earrings are studs. You like to keep things simple and don’t have time for too much fuss. Studs also come in many different options and even quantities. If you are wearing single studs, it indicated you might be this minimalist, keeping it simple type of girl. However, if you wear multiple studs (or even all the way up your ear), it tends to indicate the opposite.

You like to make a statement

If you like to make a statement with your outfits and are creative, the full ear earring might be your cup of tea. This distinctive style of earring shows your unique personality to the world. If you want to show the world your creativity and uniqueness, chances are you like this style!

You are creative and colorful

The creative and colorful ladies tend to go for dangling earrings. Also, with this type of earrings, there are so many different variations available so you can go for something simple or something very bold. Something bohemian or something more sophisticated. Whatever your style, you will be able to find some awesome dangling earrings to go with it. With these dangling earrings, you can show your unique style without going too crazy.

You have things in order

The very small, thick hoops that don’t completely close, also called huggie earwear, give the message that you are a dependable girl that has her life in order. These earrings tend to look quite sophisticated and are equally appropriate for everyday wear as for more formal occasions.

You are alternative

If you have a bit of an alternative lifestyle and fashion style, you might like the spike earrings. These earrings give the impression that you like extreme things and are not afraid to try new things.

What do you think your earrings say about you?