Ways to Wear the Same Shirt for Different Events


Sometimes there’s just no time to change shirts in between events. A girl on the go needs a flexible wardrobe that can bend and blend with the whims of her daily engagements. We all like sporting different outfits, but when there’s no time to change before attending another event, what’s a girl to do?

We’re about to show you, darling, so sit back and relax with these tips on how to wear the same shirt for different events. 

Choose the Right Shirt From the Start

If you have the foreknowledge that you’ll be attending multiple engagements in one day, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by choosing the right shirt from the start. For example, if you’re going to attend a casual luncheon at noon and a high-end dinner by 5:00, you’ll need a shirt that’s appropriate for both affairs. 

The best play would be to sport a classy black, silver, or burgundy blouse with a pair of high-end jeans. This combination will make you look casual enough to attend lunch and refined enough to survive dinner with your dignity intact. 

What About Tees?

So what about t-shirts? Let’s consider the same scenario as before. Now, if you absolutely insist on wearing a t-shirt for a casual engagement and something more high-end, you’re going to need a special kind of t-shirt. 

You can’t just show up for a luxurious dinner engagement in the same plain-jane Hanes white t-shirt you wore to the cafe for lunch. The only way to pull off wearing a t-shirt at a high-end function these days is to wear an obscenely expensive one from a high-end fashion house.

Hanes won’t cut it, but Versace will! Remember, you can be unceremonious so long as you’re not pretentious. Everyone knows the cost of a Gucci or Versace T-shirt which is why they will respect it. 

Avoiding dirty looks has a price, fortunately, high-end tees look fabulous, so it’s worth every penny! 

How About a Sweater?

Finally, you can also pull off an entrance to a casual event followed by something more elite without changing your shirt by opting for a sweater. Sweaters occupy the fine line between classy and casual which means they have the kind of flexibility that you’re looking for. 

These ideas will give you the inspiration to survive any event wearing the same shirt! Now get out there and do it!

Ciao darlings! 

Image Source: Pixabay