Want Shinier Hair? Try These Tips Today

Want Shinier Hair Try These Tips Today

Who doesn’t want shiny hair? Especially after the summer, the sun, beach and pool water can make your hair feel pretty dry. So, how can you make your hair shinier? Of course, there are the basics of a healthy diet and drinking lots of water to make your hair as healthy as possible. But, apart from that, here are our tips to get glossy locks and look fabulous:

Rinse with cold water

Hair specialists say it’s good to rinse your hair with cold water. No matter how comfy a very hot shower may sound, especially in the winter, rinsing your hair with hot water is actually very bad for your hair. Therefore, before getting out of the shower, make sure to turn the water to cold and rinse your shampoo and conditioner with cold water because that closes the cuticles and therefore locks in the moisture making your hair super healthy.

Skip heat styling (most days)

Although you may think it makes you look so much better, it might be a good idea to limit heat styling. A straightener, for example, can wear away hair’s cuticles and this causes your hair to get dry, frizzy and easy to break. Just cutting back on heat styling a few days a week, will already have an impact on your hair’s health. And, when you are using heat styling, make sure to use a heat protection spray to protect your hair.

Don’t wash your hair every day

It may feel like you’re cleaning your hair well but hair experts actually say it’s bad to wash your hair every day. If you wash your hair less frequently, it will actually get shinier because it allows the natural oils on your head to do its job.

Hair masks

Using a hair masks once in a while can do a great deal for making your hair shinier! See it as a weekly treat for your hair to make it healthier and therefore shinier.

Massage your head

The same goes for a good head massage. A massage will help to increase the blood flow which improves your hair’s health, growth and its shininess. As an additional benefit, a massage helps you to relieve tension, which might be some of the contributors to hair less, dryness and dullness.

With these tips, your hair will definitely look shinier! So, what are you waiting for?