Using Floating Shelves To Create Stylish Works Of Art

When we think of floating shelves, it’s usually as a storage solution for when we’re short on space, and while they are pretty epic at solving that particular problem, there’s something else we think they’re perfect for.

Creating a stylish work of art for your home.

They’re easy for anyone to put up, requiring minimal DIY skills, and with our clever design suggestions, you’ll be adding a touch of stylish sophistication to your home in no time.

Use floating shelves to create a statement wall

Traditionally, unique wallpaper has been used to create a statement on a key wall in a room, but we think that floating shelves are just as good for creating a centrepiece.

For an elegant room, have linear rows of straight floating shelves that house some interesting objects and valuables, like a glass vase, ornaments and pictures of your loved ones.

For something more abstract, different length and depth shelves at varying levels of the wall is a great way to catch attention with an interesting piece of art.

Floating shelves are perfect for art that’s functional

There’s no rule that says art should only be something you look at. Which is why floating shelves are fantastic for being functional and adding value to a room along with visual interest.

Fortunately, floating shelves are available in a range of different shapes and sizes. We’re talking about circles, squares, hearts and even house shaped shelves here, so even when they’re providing storage for something a little boring they can still add an element of fun to your room.

Filling nooks and crannies with floating shelves is a great way to add some visual interest

We all have those oddly shaped rooms where there’s a weird nook or cranny we just can’t fit any furniture into. Rather than it being an annoyance, floating shelves are a fantastic way to make them a focal point with added functionality.

Cut to fit shelves are a great way to ensure the nook or corner is correctly filled just how you like it, this is the perfect place for those collectables to be on display or maybe as a homework area for your children.

Brighten up a dull room with some interesting shelves

If you’ve got a long corridor or hallway that’s dark and gloomy, floating shelves are a great way to brighten things up and add something of interest.

Clocks, mirrors and family photos are perfect for placing here to welcome visitors and make your home a little more warm and cosy.