Turkey’s Best Wholesale Fashion Districts

Ever heard of the Silk route linking Europe with the Far East? Turkey has been the main hub on this route for centuries and the country is still known for its great shopping opportunities. From designer brands to silk scarfs or wool carpets, Turkey can be shopping heaven if you´re looking for some great buys.

So, if you have Turkey in your travel plans, make sure to visit the following shopping districts and you can eat your shopping heart out:

Osmanbey Shopping District

In Istanbul, this is one of the most famous places when it comes to the shopping of fashion items, if you´re looking to shop for clothing or textiles, this is your place to go. From world famous luxury brands to boutiques and local creations, in Osmanbey you will find everything for the whole family. And this place is not about shopping for clothes, you will also find souvenirs, toys, electronics and all kind of gadgets.

Ulus Shopping District

In Ankara, this is your place to go shopping and in the streets that wind down from the gate of the city´s citadel, you will find plenty of shops carrying not only great fashion items but also local specialities like traditional linen curtains, olives and handmade soaps. When it comes to fashion, the flat-woven towels from Turkish cotton that make for awesome sarongs are our favorite here!

Fatih Shopping District

If you are planning a wedding, you need to go to Fatih in Istanbul. There are literally countless stores full of thousands of wedding dresses for any liking. You will find a dress here no matter what the wedding style you are looking for, from fairytale white dresses to Ottoman-style red dresses or simpler gowns in line with Islamic traditions, there is something here for everyone.

Kemeralti market

If you are in Izmir, you will have to pay a visit to the Kemeralti market. This place is over 400 years old (so, you are not only shopping, but you´re also sightseeing ;)) and you will find loads and loads of different products here.

Grand Bazaar

And finally, back to Istanbul where you should definitely also pay a visit to the Grand Bazaar. Because, let´s face it, despite all the great retail stores out there, sometimes the old and authentic markets are just the best. When it comes to fashion, our favorite here is the ample choice of leather jackets, so if you´re in the market for one, this might be the place to look for a great leather coat!

Happy shopping in Turkey!