Tricks to Remove Stains on the Go


Dealing with stains is always a chore, and it seems to always happen at the worst possible time such as when you’re on the go. If you’re a girl on the go and you stain your clothes, a few tricks can go a long way. Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to get stains out of your clothing when you’re traveling. 

Be Prepared

The best defense against stains when you’re on the go is forethought and preparation. That’s a euphemism for saying that you should always carry a portable stain removal product in your purse, carry-bag, or what have you whenever you’re traveling. 

Think you’re safe traveling 4 blocks through the city to a job interview or social engagement? Think again, that latte you needed so bad can easily turn your day into a nightmare. One spill, and your carefully planned outfit is toast, unless of course, you happened to bring a portable stain removal product like Tide to go with you. 

Let’s face it, we all carry too much in our purses, but portable stain removers are a must-have at all times. What’s worse, having to cram one more item in your purse or having to show up to an engagement covered in coffee or tomato juice?  

As an alternative, you could always keep an extra set of clothes when traveling, but that would take up a great deal of space compared to a portable stain removal product.   

What to Use When You’re Not Prepared

There aren’t many people who are going to be as well-prepared as a boy-scout, so what do you do when you have tough stains on the go and you’re not prepared? 

One thing that you probably do have, is hand sanitizer, it’s all the rage these days darling, and it happens to be rather effective when it comes to removing stains. Simply dab a bit of sanitizer on the stain and scrub it out with a napkin or whatever paper product you have available. 

If you’re fresh out of hand sanitizer and have time to stop at a nearby store, pick up some club soda. Club soda is surprisingly useful as a stain removal agent. Lemon juice will also do in a pinch. 

Believe it or not, bread also makes for a great stain remover, especially when it comes to removing lipstick stains. 

There you have it, these tips will keep you and your clothes safe when you’re on the go and spill your froyo! 


Image Source: Pixabay