Trending Capri Styles You Have To Try

When we hear the word “capri”, none of us probably think about a very stylish look or something super flattering. Capri pants are just capri pants, practical and comfy but not something you would usually wear when you want to create a cute, fashionable look. Well, in today´s post we are going to show you some trending capri styles that you simply have to try to prove that you can definitely style you capri´s and create a great look with them:

Bold colors

Capri does not mean the pants have to come in boring colors! Do yourself a favour and get yourself some bold color capri´s to make your outlook more fun and eye-catching. Especially if the weather still permits it where you live, go for something colorful and you will instantly feel different about capri pants.


Apart from adding colors, capri pants with prints are also very trendy right now. Think about capri prints with dots, with flowers, squares, mosaics etc., there are so many options out there that you will definitely be able to find something to your liking. There are capri prints with prints that come in quite plain colors but there are also some styles that have bold colors and a bold pattern so if you want to go all out, that´s a great choice for you!

Capri´s with blazer

If you want to go for a little more formal look, style your capri´s with a nice blazer and you are good to go to the office. Dependent on how business-casual you want to go for, you can use plain capri´s for a more formal setting or something with a print or in a fun color for something more playful.

Capri´s with knitted top

Combining your capri´s with a knitted top is also very fashionable at the moment and can be perfect for the after-summer or beginning of autumn days. Take a light knitted top in white, grey or a pastel color and you are bound to create a cute look.

Denim capri´s with sweater

Finally, let´s go for something a bit more tomboy. Get yourself a denim capri and combine it with a sweater and flats or sneakers. This way you will easily create a fun, comfy and sporty look that will definitely show off the capri trend.

As you can see, capri´s don´t have to be boring or unflattering, by combining them in the right way, they can actually be quite cute!