Tips to Combat Screen Fatigue & Rejuvenate Your Eyes

Screen fatigue is a serious issue that affects thousands of people. No one wants to look into the mirror and see dark, tired eyes, but when you have screen fatigue, that’s exactly what happens. Screen fatigue has become a widespread problem that many struggle with.

Part of the problem is that many people don’t have a clear understanding of how excessive screen time affects their eyes. Here’s are some essential tips on how to combat screen fatigue and rejuvenate your eyes. 

Remember to Take Breaks and go Outside

One of the single most effective ways to combat screen fatigue is to prevent it from happening in the first place. You can do this by making an effort to take plenty of breaks away from your phone, tablet, or computer screen and go outside.

Your eyes need more stimulation than staring at a screen that’s a number of inches away from your face. 

Try Some Eye Yoga

Our bodies thrive on exercise, and our eyes aren’t any different in this respect. Keeping your eyes in one position staring at a screen for hours on end is not healthy. When you take your breaks, try some eye yoga, don’t worry darling it’s easier than you think.

All you need to do is move your eyes back and forth from left to right several times. Think of it as doing reps and close your eyes between each shift. 

Turn Your Phone Off at Night Whenever Possible and Keep it Away From Your Bed

Another tip you should keep in mind is to always turn your phone off at night whenever possible. It’s also recommended to keep your phone away from your bed at night when you go to sleep. This simple yet effective tip will help reduce screen fatigue and help you sleep better which will make you feel more rested at the dawn of each day. 

Many people keep their phones on a nightstand when they go to bed which creates an inevitable series of distractions. Every time that phone goes off with some notification you’ll find yourself rolling over to check it. Most people don’t stop there, once they’ve checked the notification they continue to surf the web and lose track of time. 

One notification going off at night can easily turn into 3-4 hours of staring at your screen, which will exasperate screen fatigue and leave you dead-tired in the morning.  

Image Source: Pixabay