Tips For Involving The Family During Ramadan

Tips For Involving The Family During Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is a time where maintaining the ties of kinship and celebrating as a family is of the utmost importance. While traditionally large families have broken down somewhat and many have lost touch with their extended family, now’s the perfect time to reach out and start to build those bonds again.

Here are some top tips on how to involve the entire family this Ramadan.

Invite everyone to a family Iftar

Family meals are a great way to re-connect with loved ones and celebrate Ramadan together. Getting the children involved in making and delivering (or posting) invitations and explaining the significance of family and why the ties of kinship should be strong is a great way to unite everyone in the family of all ages.

Have the children interview the family elders

We learn about Ramadan and the family traditions for it from our own parents and grandparents, but there’s something special about your children hearing things directly from the family elders. Why not video the experience so it can be watched every year, and the children can use the information to create their own ‘news reports’, stories and artwork of what they’ve learned.

Have a good deeds calendar for the children

A calendar of one good deed a day is great for educating children on the importance of Ramadan and why it’s so significant, but it’s also a fantastic way to involve the rest of the family. Having the children visit their elders, take care of their chores, write a letter, or simply spend time with loved ones are all simple ways of making the entire family feel special.

Make a point to resolve family conflicts once and for all

Family feuds and conflicts can drag on for years destroying those kinship ties and making things awkward for distant relatives at family events. Now is the right time to sit down and resolve those feuds so the entire family can be at peace with one another and celebrate the Holy month together.

Pray one prayer together as a whole family every day

Gather your family together to pray and encourage everyone to participate. Most prayers take twenty minutes or less, so it’s an easy thing to incorporate into your day throughout Ramadan. Following this up with a daily Dua ritual is a great way to share goodwill and the true meaning of the Holy month together as a family.