Tips and Tricks on Waking Up Tired Eyes

Wake up tired eyes with a few simple tricks!

Staying up too late watching movies, partying until the wee hours, pulling an all-nighter studying for an important exam – we’ve all been there. And we’ve also had to deal with eyes that look less than bright and alert the next day! Whether you’re a night owl or just have the occasional sleepless night, tired eyes can give your whole appearance a look of fatigue and low energy – certainly not the image you want to present to the world! Fortunately, there are many ways you can wake up those peepers both temporarily and long-term – here are a few of our faves!

Chill out

Probably one of the quickest ways you can whip those eyes into shape is with a blast of cold water! Splashing your face with ice cold water or, for the brave souls among us, plunging your face into a bowl of iced water, will definitely wake up even the most tired eyes. If that’s a little too extreme, applying a cooling pack to the area, whether it’s a gel-pack specially made for the job or a pack of frozen veggies, will constrict the blood vessels and give a jolt to the circulation around the eyes. Certain vegetables applied directly onto the lids will not only help refresh the skin but also impart some much-needed nutrients. Potatoes and cucumber are both great options – simply place a slice on each eye, lie back and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Serious serum

Very often, our eyes will look more tired than they actually are if our skin is dry, wrinkled and discolored. These signs of aging tend to appear first in the eye area, where the skin is thinner, more delicate and vulnerable to damage. There are an array of lotions, creams and serums on the market all designed to treat this delicate area but there are a few ingredients you should look for before spending any hard-earned cash. Serums that contain peptides, or a blend of peptides such as Matrixyl 3000, provide nourishment to aging cells, helping to rejuvenate the skin, while Vitamin C not only adds antioxidants but also brightens the area. Serums containing arginine work as temporary ‘eye lifts’, instantly tightening the skin and Vitamin K reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, creating a refreshed, youthful appearance. When skin is fully hydrated, soft and supple, it looks well-rested, healthy and vibrant.

Cosmetic procedures

We’re not talking surgery here! Cosmetics are your best friend when it comes to perking up your eyes, starting with your concealer. Choose a concealer just one shade lighter than your base and dot sparingly under and around the eye area, blending in fully. Sparingly is the key word – too much concealer will result in ‘panda’ eyes and settle into fine lines, making your skin look worse than when you started! Other make-up magic tricks that are popular with the pros include using a white, or light shade of eyeliner for the bottom inner rim, reducing the appearance of blood-shot eyes, while a touch of light, shimmering eye shadow on the centre and inner lids provide an instant sparkle. Even giving the eyebrows a higher arch will make the eyes seem more ‘awake’ as will applying a thin layer of mascara to the lower lashes.

While nothing can compare to a good night’s sleep, following these tips will let you look wide awake, alert and ready to take on the day!