The Ultimate Guide To 5 Minute Makeup

The Ultimate Guide To 5 Minute Makeup

It can seem like such a chore getting up early in the morning to perfect your make-up before the school run and work, but thanks to innovative new makeup products it’s possible to have a quick routine that leaves your skin flawless in next to no time.

We’ve put together a simple guide of the essentials you need to be doing for a simple and effective 5 minute makeup routine.

Create the right foundation

The base layer is where it matters most and using the right foundation and concealer is the key to a quick makeup routine. Use a fail-safe formula that doesn’t need much effort to smooth out those flaws. Compact or stick foundation and concealers are the best options to take care of the oily and problematic areas quickly.

A lighter foundation than your usual shade works well when time is of the essence, it creates a healthy and even glow without going over the top.

Brighten your look with a cream blush

Powders take time to apply, and who can be dealing with brushes and excess first thing in the morning? Use a cream blush in a realistic looking colour but use your fingers to apply it to your cheeks rather than applying the blusher directly as this can be too much and cause a clown-like appearance if you’re not careful.

Neutral eyeshadow colours are a good choice

For a simple makeup routine that makes your skin look healthy, neutral shades slightly darker than your skin tone is the key with eyeshadow. It’ll make your eyes look bright and alert with just a sweep of your finger across the eyelid. Be careful not to go over the crease as the powder can settle here and spoil the look.

Rather than using liquid eyeliner, a bold mascara is enough to make those lashes stand out and frame your eyes well. Choose a volumising mascara for best effect.

Perfect your makeup with colourful lips

Forget the lip liner and lipstick when time is short, they take too long to get right and aren’t necessary for a simple makeup routine. Use a lip pencil instead that allows greater control over the application. Outline the lips first before filling in with the pencil and use your fingers to blend it together into a seamless and smooth look.

Practice this simple makeup routine a few times, and you’ll soon have it down to a stress free five minutes suitable for any occasion.

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