The Right Sunglasses Can Complete Any Outfit

Accessories can be so addicting, there’s just so many of them and so many different combinations you can get yourself into a right tizzy just trying to decide what goes with what. One of the most important accessories of all is a pair of sunglasses. When you’re all dolled up donning a scarf or hat and still feel incomplete, odds are all you need is the right pair of sunglasses to complete the ensemble. Here’s what all of you gorgeous fashionistas out there need to know about how the right sunglasses can complete any outfit.

Stick to Neutral Colors

If you want sunglasses that can complete any outfit, you should stick to neutral colors. A bright red pair of sunglasses might seem flashy and fabulous, but they just won’t match that lauder plaid outfit you’ve been saving for Autumn. Black, gray, silver, and dark brown are flexible colors.

It’s All About the Brand

There are thousands upon thousands of sunglasses on the market, so how do you narrow down the selection? The most effective way to narrow down the selection is to focus on certain brands. When it comes to sunglasses the brand that you wear says a lot about you. As you know darling, it always pays to make a good impression and if you want to make a good impression you’re going to want Gucci, you’re going to want Chanel, you’ll want Ray-Ban.

For those of you looking to make the ultimate impression, one that says you have more than just power and money, a little thing called class, you’ll need Cartier.

It’s About How You Wear Them

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when using sunglasses to compliment an outfit is that you don’t always have to wear them over your eyes. The way you wear your sunglasses says a lot about you as an individual and it can make a statement.

When you’re wearing a Versace shirt and want to show off, consider hanging your sunglasses on the middle of your shirt just above the top button.

Alternatively, for all the guys out there wanting a more carefree look try slicking your hair back and wearing your sunglasses on your head pushed up over your hair.

Wear Sunglasses with Personality

Finally, the sunglasses you wear should reflect your own uniqueness and your own personality. Remember darlings, you don’t just want sunglasses that compliment an outfit, you want sunglasses that make an outfit. What you need is a pair of sunglasses that you identify with regardless of what you’re wearing, so go out there and find them no matter the cost! A pair of truly extraordinary sunglasses that can complete any outfit is priceless darlings, priceless!


Image Source: Pixabay