The Easy Makeup Routine For Pre-Teens

You might be shocked when your pre-teen starts talking about make-up. “What, already?” Yep, your little girl is growing up and probably wants to be a little older than she actually well. Although your first instinct might be to completely prohibit makeup for another few years and cry about where your little baby has gone, don´t do this! Prohibiting is probably the least efficient and you will want to be as supportive as possible to avoid sneaky behavior and doing things in secret. Therefore, allowing for some basic makeup might not be such a bad idea. Here are some ideas:

Cleaning routines

Explain to your daughter that with makeup comes an extra ritual of cleaning your face even better in the mornings and before going to bed. This is the best moment to get that routine instilled and create good habits for the rest of their life. Get your pre-teen some cleansing products and explore the ritual together. In her quest for being more grown-up than she might actually be, this is already a great first step.


Although a little bit of makeup is fine, you don´t want to get overboard at this age and have them put layers and layers on their face. Less is definitely more when it comes to pre-teen makeup. So, one rule to keep in mind is: your pre-teen probably doesn´t need foundation (yet) so keep this out of the makeup routine. If she has really bad skin you might want to consider foundation, for all others you will probably want to avoid this especially because teenage skin is so sensitive so putting on makeup that might not be necessary might cause the skin to get worse. If there are some spots to hide, go for a concealer and that´s it.

Go for the basics

With that being said, stick to the basics! Just use some mascara, concealer if necessary and maybe a tiny bit of blush, but that´s it. Show your pre-teen how to use these products right without overdoing it and you are probably good to go for now.

Don´t forget about the nails

Finally, to finish your pre-teens very mature look, don´t forget about the nails. This is an easy way to let them experiment with basic makeup by choosing colors they like and have them paint their finger and toenails. Nail polish is one of these things that can give them this “grown-up feeling” they are looking for without putting too much makeup on their face.