The Best Short Hairstyles For An Active Lifestyle

If you have an active lifestyle, the change from long to short hair might bring an extra dimension to it: you won´t be able to wear that ponytail to the gym anymore to keep your hair out of your face. Or, that top bun that comes in so handy when you go running or biking outside. However, does that mean that people with an active lifestyle should never make the change from long to short hair? No, definitely not! If you are looking for a makeup and get yourself an edgy short hairstyle, go for it!

Here are some ideas for short hairstyle for an active lifestyle:

Pixie cut

The pixie cut is hot and happening thanks to some celebrities rocking this hairstyle for a few years already. And, the pixie cut might actually be one of the easiest short hairstyles when it comes to an active lifestyle. The pixie cut is so short that it probably won´t bother you while exercising, hiking or biking, simply because the hair doesn´t hang in your face or anywhere nearby. If you have a pixie cut with a longer part in the front, just use some clips to get that hair out of your face while exercising. The pixie cut is definitely a good hairstyle for those with an active lifestyle.

Bob line

Although a nice bob cut might be a little more difficult to get under control, it is definitely not impossible to rock this hairstyle and still have an active lifestyle. One idea to get the hair out of your face is to pull back the hair on both sides of your face and twist it in little rolls that you can pull back with pins. Or, try to get the top part of your bob in a ponytail on your head. Or, just use a thin headband to keep the hair out of your face. You can also combine the headband with a small ponytail in which you try to get as much of your hair up as your bob line permits, the rest will be out of the way due to the headband.

Another idea, if your hair is too short for a ponytail, try two topknot buns instead to keep the hair out of your face. And finally, braids are a great way to keep loose hair out of the way while exercising, something that especially works well for short hair.