The Best Places To Strut Your Stuff In Seoul

Planning to visit Seoul any time soon? If you´re a foodie or a shopper, you´re in luck, this city will be perfect for you! But, if you want to know which places you must go to see and be seen, here is our top 5 of places you must have been to in Seoul:


The palace is one of the city´s most renowned historical places and one of the most visited sites. The Gyeongbukgung Palace originates from the 14th century but unfortunately it was destroyed during the Japanese invasion. What you can visit today is the remodeled and rebuilt palace from 200 years ago. You will have to block some time for this visit because the grounds are very big, so you can spend hours browsing through nice buildings and gardens. The palace is located in central Seoul and it´s very close to touristy areas.

Traditional village

Next to the palace you can find Bukchon Hanok Village which is full of traditional Korean homes. You could also stay in one of the guest houses here which ensures a great experience. The village is full of nice little restaurants and shops so just strolling around here and trying the typical Korean street food is a joy in itself.

Seoul Tower

If you´re looking for a great view, you should visit the N Seoul Tower at the top of the Namsan mountain. You can take a cable car up to the peak of the mountain and you can even go to the top of the tower (there is an entrance fee though). The best views of the city are ensured here!

Myeongdong Shopping

If you like shopping, this is your place to be. Myeongdong is one of the city´s most busy shopping areas. It´s an outdoor mall which offers both mainstream fashion and cosmetics but also street shopping stalls tend to set up shop here. There are plenty of nice bars and restaurants here as well, so you won´t get bored or hungy. Just watching people in Myeongdong Shopping is already a full-time activity since it gets so many visitors daily!

Namdaemun Market

If you´re looking for some more traditional shopping, you should go to one of the city´s largest and oldest markets. You can find all kinds of local products and even if you don´t feel like shopping, just visiting the Namdeamum market will already be a great experience in itself.

Enjoy your stay in this amazing city!