The Best Mediterranean Home Decor Ideas For 2019

When you want to bring a touch of sunshine into your home, it can’t go too far wrong than decorating with the Mediterranean style. Trending for the last year or so and set to continue for a good while yet, Mediterranean home décor is proving popular with homeowners around the world.

In case you weren’t sure, the Mediterranean spans a huge area from northern Africa, southern Europe and western Asia, so you can be sure to find a style that fits your home and idea of what this warm and chic design trend is really about.

Add a splash of colour

One of the easiest ways to redesign your home is by giving the walls and floors a colour makeover. The Mediterranean colour palette is warm and earthy, with tones of terracotta and stone, along with calming blues and vivid yellows that summon the feeling of being at the sun-filled coast.

Tiled floors are used widely across the Mediterranean to keep homes cool during the hotter months, so consider a warm earthy tone for this and use blues, yellows and lavender for your walls.

Watch out for the symmetry

Symmetry is important when it comes to Mediterranean design, clean lines and balanced rooms are what you’re looking to achieve here. A simple way to keep this design consistent in your home is by choosing pairs – pairs of chairs, pairs of wall sconces, pairs of pictures, etc.

 Rustic furniture

One of the classic hallmarks of a Mediterranean home is the classic country furniture that adorns every room. Whether it’s a chunky farmhouse table in the kitchen or a grand bed that has been in the same room for decades, this furniture is solid and built to last!

As the furniture is so chunky, many Mediterranean’s enjoy open space homes. One way you can incorporate this in your own home is by choosing a statement piece of furniture to become the focal point in the room and minimise belongings and clutter around it.

Take the inside out

One of the key features of Mediterranean living is their love of eating and entertaining outdoors, so consider your outside space when redesigning your home. Creating a canopied eating area outside with a fire pit or clay oven is a fun way to have an outdoor party space suitable for having fun the whole year round.