Stockings With A Back Seam Are Back By Popular Demand

back seam
Remember these stockings with a back seam from years ago? Well, they are back and can be a great item to add some style and detail to your outfit. These stockings can give a unique touch to your look and can really create a feminine, sleek appearance. By adding stockings with a back seam to your outfit, you can easily spice up an otherwise simple or plain look. Also, this accessory is a true eye-catcher but in a very subtle way.

If you want to give stockings with a back seam a new try, here are a few style inspirations to get you started:

Office outfit with back seam stockings

If you want to add something different to your typical work outfit, these stockings might be the way to go. If you tend to wear a suit with a pencil skirt and heels, for example, this could be the perfect addition to your outfit. Another option is to wear your stockings with a nice knee-length dress in the color of your liking.

Casual outfit with a beak seam

For those that are looking for a more casual outfit, stockings can definitely still be an option. Combine them with jeans shorts or a mini skirt, a nice tee, and your favorite sneakers and you have created yourself a very nice day-to-day outfit with extra detail to it.

Alluring outfit with stockings

If you want to go for something a bit sexier, the back seam stockings are also a great addition to your look. What about a nice red dress and black high heels, for example? Add some jewelry and a black clutch and you are ready to hit the clubs or go to a fancy dinner.

No matter how you wear the stockings, the main challenge is usually to get the line straight. And, let´s face it, the whole effect is gone if the back seam is not in a straight line across your leg. The important thing here is that it is usually easier to align your back seam when it is not on your leg yet. Roll your stockings with your hands making sure that the seam is more or less rolled down in a straight line. Once the seam is all gathered up, you are ready to put it in. Make sure to slowly pull the stocking over your leg while checking all the time that the back seam stays straight. Fix any irregularities as you work your way up your leg because it is easier to do it while the seam is loose than when it is all pulled up.