Step In With Attitude Wearing The Classic Little Black Dress With A Touch Of Silver Sparkle

Is silver sparkle the perfect accessory for the little black dress? The ´LBD´ is an all-time favorite for many different occasions and if you don´t have one yet, now is the time to get one. This icon dress is super versatile and can be the perfect outfit for a party, work dinner, or Sunday brunch. But sometimes it might be hard to find the right accessories for the little black dress to really complete your look. In today´s post, we are going to look at how to spice up your outfit by adding a touch of silver sparkle to that dress.


The obvious choice for adding some sparkle to your outfit is definitely with jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are all great ways to include some sparkle in your look. There are some great shiny statement pieces available that will instantly add a great deal to your outfit. The only thing to take into account is to not wear various big shiny, sparkling items. For example, if you wear big shiny earrings, skip the statement necklace and bracelets. Aim for one statement piece and keep the rest subtle.

Silver sparkle heels

Another great way to add a nice festive touch to your look is by wearing shiny heels. Your feet will definitely be the eyecatchers of the party with this option! If you think heels completely covered in sparkle are too much, you can go for a calmer option with shoes that have some shiny silver details.

Shiny belt

Dependent on the style of your little black dress, a shiny belt could be a good option. Whether it is a tiny, small silver belt or a wide one, it is an easy way to add some silver sparkle to your look.

Silver sparkle clutch

Your purse or handbag is another good item to add some silver sparkle to. If you are going to a party, a silver sparkle clutch, for example, could look very stylish and fashionable. And for day-to-day life, handbags with small details can already do the job. If you want to go all out, a sparkling clutch with sparkle shoes is the next level and will definitely make you the center of the party!

Finally, if you feel like this is all a bit too much for your taste, there is another way. Add some sparkle to your look is by finding the right nail polish. Wearing silver sparkle nails can already be that special touch that you are looking for!