Sore feet? 4 Shoe Inserts That Offer Instant Relief

Sore feet is something we probably all suffer from once in a while or even quite often dependent on our shoes and lifestyle. But, did you know that with shoe inserts you can get rid of that discomfort quite easily? Obviously, this doesn´t apply to you if you have a serious problem with your feet in which case you might need orthotic insoles from a specialist, but for sore feet, there are definitely some great shoe inserts available in pharmacies or shoe stores.

Here are our four favorites that offer instant relief:

Flat feet insoles

Did you know that a lot of people have flat-feet which can cause pain? There are a lot of basic insoles available that can help you with flat feet immediately relieving the pain of your sore feet.

Athletic insoles

If you have flat feet or low arches, you might get sore feet, especially when doing sports or walking a lot. This is where athletic insoles might come in handy to provide this extra support when walking, running or doing other exercises. The idea is to add comfort for your feet and to provide additional support for your arch to achieve better foot alignment and improve the absorption of the shocks that come with exercising.

Magnetic insoles to change foot angle

Many feet problems and sore feet are actually caused by the fact that we are not using a natural feet position in most of our shoes. And, you might have seen that some studies claim that being barefoot is actually the best for our feet. Therefore, insoles that aim to change the angle of your feet to promote a natural foot position when you are walking might not seem to provide relief at first, but in the long term, it will definitely prevent sore feet from happening because you are walking better.

Massage insoles

These insoles are just magical! They are full-length soles that massage your feet when you are walking. The massage soles tend to have large, medium and small acupuncture points that soothe any painful points and that can provide a general massage for your feet. These soles also help to increase circulation when you walk. These insoles are a bit more high-end, but they will definitely offer instant relief and can help you with overall body pain, boost your endurance and will cool and soothe your feet. They also tend to have cooling magnets preventing your feet from getting hot and sweaty.