Skin Hydration & Beauty Trends For That Summer Glow

summer glow
Now that the summer season is around the corner, it is definitely time to start thinking about how to achieve that summer glow. Most people talk about “operation bikini” to get their body ready for the summer but it is also time to get our skin prepped! Obviously, there are the typical tips and tricks to get your skin summer proof and glowing such as eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, getting enough hours of sleep, exercising, and avoiding stress but you probably knew all of these already. So, in today’s blog, we are going to look at some other beauty trends that will make sure you achieve healthy and glowing summer skin.

Exfoliate for a summer glow

Apart from taking off your makeup and washing your face daily, to really achieve a summer glow, it is important to also exfoliate your face once or twice a week. By doing so, you will get rid of dead skin cells and create smooth and soft skin which is essential for achieving that summer glow.

Hydrating cream

Make sure that your facial creams are super hydrating. If you want that summer glow, the type of moisturizer you use is very important. And here is the good news! Did you know there are also moisturizing creams out there that actually give you some extra glow? These creams contain hyaluronic acid and pearl particles that will make your skin look much more radiant instantly.

Add some color to your cream

If you want to achieve a sun-kissed glow but haven’t had the chance to go sunbathing yet, it might be an idea to add a few drops of color to your day cream. You can do so by mixing your cream with some self-tanning drops or by mixing your cream with foundation. Just put a little of both products in the palm of your hand and mix together so you only create the amount you need.

Highlighter with a summer glow

If you want a natural summer glow, less is usually more. The more make-up you wear, the harder it will be to achieve that natural look. But there is one product that is key to achieve awesome radiant skin, the highlighter. It is very simple, when you have your basic cream layer on and have added a bit of make-up, just add some highlighter to your face and collarbone for a great summer glow.