Rose Tinted Shades: 5 Outfits For A Classic Free-Spirited Look

Although temperatures might not look like it for many of us yet before we know it, it will actually be spring, and it will be time to get our summer outfits out of our wardrobes again. One accessory that can´t miss from your closet are some cool rose-tinted shades so in this post, we are going to look at five outfits you can create with your glasses for a great, free-spirited look:

Jeans & Blazer

A business-casual look such as jeans with a blazer can be dressed down a lot by adding some rose-tinted shades to your look. Whether you are combining your outfit with heels or sneakers, the shades will give this combination a more free-spirited vibe if that is what you are looking for.

White dress

If you want to go for something bohemian or hipster, a white dress with leather sandals or cowboy boots can be a great option to combine your rose-tinted shades with. You can find cute, white dresses in all sorts of lengths and models, so it is really up to your taste which dress to go for. From mini white dresses to ankle length, your glasses will be a great combination for all of them.

Maxi dress

When talking about free-spirited looks, maxi dresses are definitely an item we can´t overlook. They are comfy, very fashionable and can look great with some eyecatcher sunglasses. If you want to go for the rose-tinted shades, make sure your maxi dress is something in somewhat natural or plain colors to make your glasses really stand out. If your dress is too colorful or with busy prints, your shades might be a bit too much.

Miniskirt and tee

Another great casual look can be to combine your sunglasses with a miniskirt and top or tee. This look is great for day to day life and can be worn on many different occasions. You can combine with either sneakers, wedges, sandals or boots so this is definitely a look that gives you a lot of options.

White pants suit

If you want to go for a more formal look with a free-spirited edge to it, what about a beautiful pants suit to combine your shades with? A white pants suit with rose-tinted shades can really give you a fashionable, sophisticated yet fun look. Add some killer heels to your outfit and you are ready to rock the streets.