Ring Styles to Dress Up Your Hands


It’s time to get excited about accessories, which shouldn’t be hard to do, wearing accessories like rings is one of the most effective ways to express oneself. Are you burning for inspiration on different ring styles to dress up your hands? Then you’re in luck my dears, because you’re about to get all of the inspiration you need to bedazzle your hands with rings in several spectacular styles!

The Art of Accessorizing with Rings

Whether they’re living or fictional, people who wear distinctive rings make a statement. In Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian was widely recognized by the distinctive array of rungs he wore. 

Likewise, celebrity chef, Guy Fieri is known to wear thick, distinctive rings that have become part of his signature style. Here are some ideas to create your own signature style by accessorizing with rings.  

Exude an Air of Uniqueness with Moissanite Rings

If you’re looking for a style of ring that will give you a unique presence, try moissanite rings. Just be sure to buy the real thing, moissanite can be cultured, but it’s the real stuff that commands attention because it’s so incredibly rare. 

Class Rings

Your class ring doesn’t have to be tucked away forevermore a few years after graduating high school, you can and should wear your class ring proudly long afterward. For one thing, it’ll make you look younger which is always a plus!  

Flaunt Your Birthstone Rings

You should be proud of your birthstone, show that pride by flaunting an obscenely deliciously expensive birthstone ring! You can change up the look by pairing your birthstone ring with additional gold, silver, platinum, or titanium rings. 

Diamond Rings, They’re Not Just for Engagements

Who says diamond rings are exclusively for engagements, if diamonds are forever then you should be free to wear them for virtually any occasion. Nothing makes a statement like wearing a diamond ring or two just because. 

Although you could pair it with several other rings in different materials and styles, a diamond ring typically speaks for itself. Flaunting diamond rings is a sure way to establish superiority in any social circle, it cuts right through the conversation. 

Finding the Right Cut

Now that you have some ideas on different types of rings and styles, you’ll need to find the right cut. While there are plenty of popular cuts out there, one cut stands above the rest, the Cushion Cut. 


Image Source: Pixabay