New York Fashion Week Trends 2019 To Try Today

Female friends out shopping together

We’re coming to the end of fashion month this week, starting with the New York Fashion week in February. We caught a glimpse of some interesting trends that we’re delighted to share with you so as your wardrobe transitions for the warmer months ahead, you can ditch your 2018 winters threads and prepare for the autumn/winter season ahead.

Animal print

This is one of those trends that keeps on coming back, just when we thought we’d had our fill. As the trend for real fur is finally over, prints inspired by animals are quickly taking over, although you’re unlikely to see a candy pink leopard in the wild!

Casual tailoring

Also known as relaxed suiting, dressing for the office is likely to look very different this year if your workplace likes to follow the latest fashion trends. We’re talking oversized blazers and loose separates when it comes to suits this year.


From coats to sweaters, patchwork has taken the fashion world by storm this year and looks set to become a popular trend. Whether it’s homemade patching or a high street version, patchwork is one of those fun and unique trends that works well for both casual wear and more formal clothing.


You are likely to see a lot of purple over the coming months. It’s a regal colour that comes in so many shades that you won’t struggle to find the right variation to suit you. Whether it’s a blue toned version or a rich wine influenced purple, you’ll find the colour across all categories of clothing this year.

Tie dye

Another trend we’re excited to see the return of is tie dye. We all remember being teenagers tying up our t-shirts and popping into the washing machine with some dye to create our own version of the trend. This time around the high street will have both bold and subtle variations of the trend so you can experiment without the mess!


We’ve had some severe weather at both ends of the extreme in the last year, so it’s little surprise that designers have taken inspiration from the harsh winter and added quilting to their collections this year. While you might expect to find quilted coats and jackets, quilting will be everywhere from dresses to tops and skirts too.