Need Glasses? How to Choose the Perfect for You Style


Your unique style is important, it shows off who you are as a person. While clothes, shoes, and jewelry get all of the attention in the fashion world it’s important to remember that glasses are equally important.

When it’s time to pick a pair of glasses be sure to pick something that matches your personality. Here are some tips on finding glasses to match your style perfectly.

Want Some Class with a Dash of Sass? Try Triangle Glasses

If you’re looking for a classy look and want to add a bit of sass to it, you can’t beat a high-quality pair of triangle glasses.

Triangle glasses make a statement, a unique one that will set you apart. If you’re a classy girl who likes to zig when others zag, you need a pair of triangle glasses.

Feeling Dominant? Check Out Oval Glasses

Oval glasses have a sense of maturity to them that can be quite domineering. If you have a personality that commands respect, oval glasses are for you. Keep in mind that the rims should be as thin as possible.

If the rims on a pair of oval glasses are too thick, it can make them look dated. Unless you’re looking for a retro look or love vintage, stick to oval glasses with a thin rim.

Oval glasses with a thin rim will make you look knowledgeable and sophisticated, if that’s what you’re looking for then go for it girl!

Do Classic Rectangular Glasses Match Your Personality

For those of you who like blending in or sticking to the classics, a plain Jane pair of rectangular glasses might be just what the Doctor ordered.

If you’re the kind of person who picks vanilla ice cream over any other flavor almost every single time, you’ll be well-matched for a classic pair of rectangular glasses.

Final Tip, Brand Matters

Now that you have three archetypes to identify with and three styles of glasses to choose from you’re ready to make a decision, well, almost ready.

As a final tip, you should never compromise on quality, never. Glasses are important which means that counterintuitive as it may seem, you can’t afford to go too cheap when it comes to picking a pair of glasses.

Not only is quality important, but the brand is as well, look for the top brands, start your search there, and work your way done. Ciao!


Image Source: Pixabay