Must-Have Lotions to Keep in Your Purse

For a girl on the go, your purse is an essential item. More specifically, what’s inside your purse is essential. Sometimes you never know what you’re going to need on any given excursion o you pack it chock full of stuff. Then when you try to go light, you never have what you need on hand.

One thing that you should always have in your purse at all times, is lotion. The only question is, what kind of lotion? You’re about to find out!

Why Should You Keep Lotion in Your Purse at All Times?

Carrying lotion in your pure has always been a good idea, but since the pandemic, it has become an absolute must. With so many people applying hand sanitizer to their hands and skin so frequently, it’s essential to have some lotion on hand to help combat the dryness. 

All of that hand sanitizer might be helping keep you safe from germs and viruses, but it’s also drying your skin like crazy. By applying lotion after your hand sanitizer, you’ll stay clean and safe without damaging your skin. 

Best Lotions to Keep in Your Purse

Different lotions have different advantages, there’s a lot of them! Those of you who value the firming properties of lotion will want to carry Jergens Skin Firming Daily Toning Moisturizer or Hempz Body Moisturizer.

Older women should carry Cetaphil, it’s well-suited for older skin and delivers hydration very quickly. As a light, oil-free moisterizer, it also makes a great choice for anyone with oily skin. 

If you’re going to be out in the sun a lot for an extended period of time, you might want to consider keeping London Grant Honey Coco Body Custard in your purse. Not only is London Grant Honey Coco Body Custard an extremely pleasant and effective moisturizer, but it can also be used to help alleviate sunburn. 

Want your skin to glow and shine? Try keeping Summer Fridays Skin Nourishing Body Lotion packed in your purse at all times. This lotion is fortified with generous amounts of cocoa and shea butters as well as plenty of argan and rosehip oil. 

A Little Advice

Now that you know some of the best lotions to keep in your purse at all times, it’s time to stock up and get out there! One last word of advice, if it’s hot out, remember to keep your lotion in a sealable bag inside your purse in case it melts. We love lotion on our skin but we hate it all over the inside of our purse!


Image Source: Pixabay