Inside The Next Frontier In Abu Dhabi Luxury Living Apartments

Picture of luxury living apartment block in Abu Dhabi

When you consider luxury living, Abu Dhabi is certainly a premier location that springs to mind. As house hunting can be difficult in such a bustling city as Aby Dhabi, many residents are turning to luxury hotel living apartments for long-term rent while they decide on the right property for them.

A compromise between busy hotels and a place to call home, these luxury living apartments have been taking Abu Dhabi by storm over recent years. In this blog, we explore luxury living apartments and all they have to offer.

Hotel luxuries for the price of a residential apartment

Luxury comes at a cost, so you need to know it’ll be a worthwhile investment. Luxury living apartments come with the benefits of staying in a hotel but at a similar price to renting your own property.

Room cleaning, valet parking, gym membership and high-speed internet are perks commonly included in luxury apartment schemes like this, but there’s one added bonus you might not have thought of. Hotel quality food and drink available as and when you want it, is available at some of the premier hotel-run luxury living apartment blocks.

A cosy home with all the Abu Dhabi luxuries on hand

Time itself is often a luxury when you’re living and working in Abu Dhabi, so having a range of luxury services at your disposable as and when you need them, is a simple way of clawing back some time to spend on the activities you enjoy most.

Your home in Abu Dhabi may be a second home away from your family, there for you to reside during the working week. All too often that means you’re living alone without the support of a partner to share household chores and other duties.

Living in an apartment that provides housekeeping, grocery drops to your door and more is a great way to feel comfortable and settled in your second home.

Living in luxury is a great way to scope out the residential market

While luxury apartments are great for an extended stay in Abu Dhabi, if you’re planning on becoming a permanent resident they also make a great starting point for figuring out where you want to reside, the services you’re looking for and finding the right financial deal for you without the expense of an unsettling hotel stay.