How To Wear Italian Silk For Casual Wear

Italian silk is usually seen as something for special occasions. For when you need to dress up or want to look fancy at work. However, did you know that you can also wear Italian silk with casual wear? Here are a few ways how:

Silk blouse with jeans

A great way to wear Italian silk for casual wear is by dividing your outfit into one part rather fancy, with the Italian silk, and the other part more casual. Think about, for example, wearing a silk blouse on jeans. Or, a casual tee on a silk pants or skirt. Often, we think that we shouldn´t combine fancy stuff with very casual clothes but actually it can work out really great!


Silk scarfs are beautiful, and they are definitely not just reserved for fancy outfits. So, next time you are looking for a scarf for your casual outfit, get a bit riskier than usual and take your silk scarf out. It can give your casual look just that little extra that you´re looking for.

Silk scarf as a belt

Using a little silk scarf as a belt can give that extra elegant touch to your outfit. By putting a silk scarf through the belt loops of your jeans or kakis, you won´t have the effect of a real belt but it´s definitely a great way to wear Italian silk in a more casual look. Or, just an original way to use the belt loops when you actually don´t need a belt. You can also use the silk scarf as a “belt” by tying it around your waist when wearing a casual dress.

Silk accessories

Another great way to incorporate Italian silk in a casual look is to use a small silk scarf as a hatband or to tie your ponytail with. Or, you can attach it to a backpack or handbag as a fun accessory. Finally, tying a small silk scarf around your wrist can make for a fancy yet casual wristband to spice up your outfit.

Silk necklace

By tying a silk scarf or putting big beads on a scarf you can actually make some really fun and fancy, yet casual, necklaces that you can wear with any casual outfit. This is not only original but can also give an extra touch to your everyday outfit.

Have fun spicing up your dressing by adding some silk to it!