How To Stay Sane During The Toddler Phase

As soon as your cute, little infant turns into a toddler, things can get pretty messy. For many parents, the toddler phase is tough and it is difficult to believe how an innocent little baby can suddenly change into a tiny monster causing so much trouble at home. If you think we are exaggerating, you probably haven´t reached the toddler phase yet or you had a really easy toddler. Jokes aside, the toddler phase is not called the first teenage period of your kid for nothing. Terms like “terrible two´s” and “threenagers” are recognizable concepts for many toddler parents and apart from having some pretty intense discussions with your toddler, you will probably also laugh your ass off a lot of times because of how wise and sassy they are becoming. So, let´s try to embrace this stage and focus on the fun moments! As for the not so fun moments, here are some tips to stay sane during the hardcore toddler phase:

Pick your battles during the toddler phase

First of all, you will want to pick your battles. Don´t try to win every discussion because believe us, there are probably a lot of them. So, stay strong on the topics you feel you need to be, but maybe a discussion on what to wear, for example, is less important. Yes, your daughter might look a bit ridiculous with the outfit she handpicked and refused to let go of but think that it´s also about letting them make their own choices and some things are just not worth fighting about.

Be consistent but flexible

When it comes to your routines and schedules, try to be consistent but flexible at the same time. This may sound contradictory but sometimes you need to jump out of your routines and rules to support your toddler. They are going through an immense development cycle during this phase and fighting and arguing can be their way of dealing with everything that is happening. Sometimes they just need an extra bit of attention or support even if it goes against the routine, schedule, or rules.

Schedule alone time & laugh about it

Finally, make sure you schedule some moments for yourself to disconnect and to unwind. Do something you really like every day, meet up with friends regularly, and don´t forget to laugh about all the toddler craziness with your spouse every evening when the little one finally went to bed.