How To Quickly Make Smaller Rooms Seem Larger

How To Quickly Make Smaller Rooms Seem Larger

When you’re a student struggling to make your small room feel more like home, or you’re in a tiny townhouse that economises on space, there are ways of instantly making any room look bigger with a few tips and tricks.

So, read on to discover how to quickly turn your small room into a more spacious and enjoyable space to live in.

De-clutter and tidy the room

Clutter and mess can quickly overwhelm a room and make it look smaller than it is. Being ruthless with your decluttering and giving the room a thorough spring clean is a simple way of ensuring the space is being used well.

Think about the purpose of every item in that room, if it hasn’t been used in months or makes you smile when you look at it, it’s time to send it to a new home.

Take advantage of the natural light available

Dark rooms look smaller than they really are and so the lighter a room is, the bigger it appears. Natural light works best for this so keep windows clear and use drapes and curtains that are a light shade or sheer for best effect.

Avoid placing these in direct sunlight which can cause a fire, but a carefully placed mirror near a window to reflect light around the room is a quick and straightforward way to make it look more spacious.

Opt for simple plain walls rather than bold patterns

Less is more when it comes to interior design and keeping it simple is the key to making a small room look large. Bright colours, bold patterns and floral prints will only make a small room look even cosier, so resist the temptation and opt for plain walls in pastel shades instead.

Another trick is to paint your skirting boards, wall trim and any mouldings in the room a lighter colour than the walls. This creates an illusion of them looking further back than they are and making the room feel bigger.

Don’t be afraid of bare walls

There can be a temptation to fill the walls with pictures, photos and paintings. While these can definitely make your room more attractive, it’s also making it look considerably smaller. Blank space aids with the reflection of light and instantly makes a room look bigger, so save those artistic touches for large rooms or hallways.