How To Pick The Right Makeup Brushes For Better Application

Picking the right makeup brushes can be quite challenging, there are just so many options out there. And what makes it even trickier is that they usually don´t have names that indicate what they should be used for.

So, let´s get some things clarified when it comes to makeup brushes. First of all, natural brushes versus synthetic brushes, which one to pick for what? Natural brushes tend to work best with powder products whereas synthetic brushes work better with liquid or cream products.

Now let´s look at picking the right makeup brushes for better application:

Beauty blender
Although technically not a brush, this sponge is great for blending your makeup as good as possible. You can use the tip of the sponge to reach hard-to-reach small areas or around the nose. For even better results, wet the sponge a bit so it expands in size. This will not only prevent the sponge from soaking up all your foundation but also makes it blend even better.

Powder brush
For powder, you will want to use a long, fluffy brush because they can evenly diffuse loose powder. Using the right brush here will generate less spots with too concentrated color and it won´t blur your foundation.

Concealer brush
For locating specific spots that need some extra coverage, use a small, synthetic brush to apply your concealer with.

Foundation brush
Take a synthetic brush to apply your liquid or cream foundation. Start in the center and smooth the foundation outward so you won´t create harsh makeup lines.

Eye shadow brush
When it comes to eye shadow, you can use a blending eye shadow brush, the fluffy ones, to diffuse the shadow in the crease of your eye or to blend different kind of shades together. Use a smaller brush for applying powder shadow or cream shadow evenly.

Smudger brush
You can use this brush to smooth your eyeliner and create a smokier look. Just sweep the brush from one side to another and you’re good to go.

Fan brush
This brush is used to clean up makeup that is fallen under your eyes, for example, or to apply powders and highlighters on your cheekbones or temples.

So, next time you get into that makeup store, there’s no need to get overwhelmed anymore because now you know which makeup brushes to pick for a better application.