How To Make Fashion Look More Like Art

Being fashionable or stylish is one thing but incorporating some art in your style is another. If you think about making fashion look more like art, probably you are thinking about very formal events however some of the tips below can also be incorporated in your day-to-day.

Here are 4 fashion items or trends that look more like art and that you should definitely check out:


Evening dresses are probably the first fashion item that comes to mind when talking about making fashion look more like art. Just think about some of the red-carpet outfits spotted during the Oscars or any other big event and you will see that some dresses are really a piece of art. But what about wearing a cocktail dress with a cardigan or blazer to also be able to wear such art pieces on more informal occasions as well?


Related to gowns, fascinators are also true art pieces in itself. They are very popular for wedding guests, especially in the United Kingdom and they are really pretty. A fascinator is a decorative headpiece and they tend to be worn as an alternative to a hat. The decorative part is either attached to a clip or band to attach it to your hair or place it on your head. Fascinators are worn on more formal occasions where hats are customary, for example, weddings, church services or formal evening events. However, you don´t have to limit these art pieces to just formal occasions. Incorporating fascinators in your everyday life is a great way to make fashion look more like art and to creatively decorate your outfit a bit more.


Embroidered items are also often pure art, embroidered items can be just so pretty. Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread, yarn, pearls, beads or sequins. Especially with the latter items, clothes or accessories can become real art objects. Think about incorporating embroidered scarves, bags, tops or cardigans in your outfit to make it look more like art.

Make-up/nail polish

With your make-up and nail polish, for example, you can also add a touch of art to your outfit. Wearing make-up that is completely matched with your fashion items can truly make fashion look more like art. Or nails in different color schemes or with different patterns or decorations to complement your outfit.

These are just a few examples of how to make fashion look more like art. If you´re looking for more inspiration, a quick search on Pinterest, for example, can give you many more ideas to add some art to your outfits!