How To Make Contrasting Colors Look Great In An Outfit

Often when we put outfits together, we combine items in the same color scheme or we combine colors with neutrals like black, grey and white. Putting contrasting colors together in the same outfit might not be something that occurs to us because it just seems a little too bold or eye-catching. However, combining contrasting colors can actually look great in your outfit if you do it the right way.

Pick the opposite in a color wheel

If you want to combine contrasting colors in an outfit, one way to do this is to pick the color that is exactly opposite of your main color in the color wheel. For example, if you want to combine something with your blue jeans, orange could be a great choice because it is the complementary color of blue. Or, if you are wearing something red, you might want to look at green shades to create a real contrast. Obviously, this is something that will stand out because of the big contrast that is created. Therefore, we would advise you to use one of the colors as a background color (for example, the blue jeans) and use the other color in accents such as earrings, a scarf or a belt.

Pick the colors right and left of the exact opposite in the color wheel

If you want to take this one step further, you can throw in another color. If you split the opposite color scheme, you are using three colors. Your main color, green for example, and then you combine with the colors that are left and right of the exact opposite on the color wheel. Above we saw that the exact opposite of green is red, and the colors next to red are a shade of purple and a dark orange. Again, the key is here to play with the main color of your outfit and use the other two more to accessorize instead of going full-on with all three colors because that will obviously not work.

Warm and cold colors

Dependent on your type of skin and hair color, either warm or cold colors will suit you better. Some of us can look great with both color schemes but most of us will clearly look better with one of these. If that is the case for you, you will want to look at contrasting colors with either the warm color palette or the cold color palette or to combine different shades of the opposite color on the color wheel.