How To Look Younger Even Without Makeup

Makeup can cover a range of skin flaws and imperfections, but it isn’t the only way we can make ourselves look younger than we really are. From taking better care of yourself to adjusting your posture, we’re going to share with you our tips and tricks on how to look younger without the use of makeup.

Exercise is a great way to keep you looking young

Getting your heart pumping through exercise is a great way to make those nutrients and oxygen circulate around your body. These make your skin look not only young and radiant but also naturally boosts your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which helps the body shed dead skin and regenerate those cells needed to keep our bodies working well and looking youthful.

Get plenty of beauty sleep each night

When you deprive your body of sleep, it ends up stressed, fatigued and releasing the hormone cortisol which doesn’t give your skin any favours. Those puffy eyes and dark circles aren’t helping you look young and radiant either. So, don’t skimp on your beauty sleep, six to eight hours each night is what we recommend (and do be sure to remove your makeup first!)

Adjusting your posture can make you look years younger

Straighten up your spine and the years will drop away because you’ll look thinner, appear more confident and can prevent those lines and wrinkles from appearing. Think about it, when you look down at your smartphone you’re putting your neck in an awkward position where lines will begin to show, so keep your head held high if you want to keep young and beautiful.

Wear sunscreen when venturing outside

Nothing ages the skin quite as much as sun damage. Too much exposure to the sun can cause age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin so make sure you wear high factor sunscreen when outside, and stick to the shade as much as possible. Using after sun to rehydrate the skin once back inside is the best way to mitigate any damage that might have been caused.

Moisturise your skin as much as you can

Older skin tends to be dry, so rehydration is important to keep you looking youthful. Moisturise as much as you can, both inside and out, for young looking skin that radiates health and beauty. We suggest you drink lots of water and eat tropical fruits to keep your internal water balance topped up, and regularly use an intensive moisturiser for your skin type to keep the water where it’s needed most.