How To Get Meghan Markle’s Casual Look

Followers of fashion will know that the British Royal family are trendsetters around the world for their versatile casual and formal looks. As the most recent addition to the family, Meghan’s wardrobe has brought a decidedly transatlantic vibe with her fashion choices.

Meghan’s casual look during her spring tour to Morocco with Prince Harry earlier this year has certainly been a highlight for those following the Royal fashion trends as she dropped the designer clothes for something relaxed and informal. The best part about Meghan’s casual look is that it’s easy to achieve for yourself with just a few key pieces.

Black jeans

Who doesn’t own at least one pair of black jeans (and if you don’t, you really should!) Black jeans are a capsule wardrobe item for good reason, they work well with just about anything. Meghan wore her jeans for comfort while travelling during her pregnancy with Prince Archie, but we suspect we’ll see her dig out her favourite pair repeatedly in the years to come.

Breton shirt

It’s the Breton shirt that made Meghan’s look so casual and relaxed, and it worked so well with her jeans and jacket it made the entire outfit look effortless. A Breton shirt is simply a long-sleeved white shirt with horizontal blue stripes, named for being a staple item in French fashion.

Heeled ankle boots

We can only admire a lady that wears high heels while pregnant but that’s certainly what Meghan did while she was in Morocco and they looked fantastic. Luckily, ankle boots come in so many designs, both flat and skyscraper heels, that you’re bound to find the perfect pair for you and the occasion you want to wear them for.

Khaki jacket

Nothing says “English countryside” more than a khaki green jacket but it’s such a lovely spring colour that works well for most people regardless of their colouring and complexion. A comfortable jacket can make all the difference when putting together a casual and relaxed outfit, particularly at a time of year when temperatures can vary drastically or there’s an ever-present risk of an unexpected spring shower or too.

Clothes aside, one of the key elements we noticed with Meghan’s casual look for her spring trip to Morocco was her simple makeup and hair, with just a touch of smokey eyeshadow and pulled back hair, Meghan has inspired women everywhere to feel casual and relaxed wherever they may be.