Ways to Accent Your Look with a Bandanna

with a bandanna

Accessories work wonders when it comes to fashion darlings! If you’re finding yourself stuck in stagnation and just can’t seem to find any new and exciting accessories to accent your look, try a bandanna! Here’s what every fashionista should know about bandannas and how they can effortlessly revolutionize your look! 

They’re Not Just for Bikers and Hikers

First thing’s first, there’s a bit of a misconception surrounding bandannas that needs to be dealt with before moving forward. Take it from us darlings, bandannas are not just for bikers, or even hikers for that matter. Bandannas are for everyone! 

Outfit Combinations for Bandannas

There’s a wide variety of outfits that you can wear and look fantastic in when wearing a bandanna. That’s part of the appeal, unlike some other accessories, bandannas are incredibly flexible in terms of style. 

A bandanna looks just as awesome when paired with jeans, a T-shirt, and a leather jacket as it does with khakis and a polo shirt. 

How to Rock Any Occasion with a Bandanna

you can rock almost any occasion with a bandanna, all you have to do is use these key tips. If you want a bandanna that goes with almost anything, try sticking to bandannas in solid colors. Solid-colored bandannas will go with more different outfits than bandannas with intricate or busy patterns on them.

That said, the color of your bandanna is a crucial factor. While solid-colored bandannas blend well with more different outfits than bandannas with patterns, there are only so many outfits that you can match with a hot pink bandanna. Likewise, bandannas that are yellow, orange, bright green, purple, or even blue will limit your choices in terms of outfits that match.

This in turn will limit the number of occasions that you can rock a bandanna in. While you can rock a casual outing in green shorts and an orange bandanna, you can’t pull that off at a more formal gathering.

So how can you rock any occasion with bandannas? All you really need, are three bandannas. One in black, one in white, and one in caramel. These three colors are neutral enough to blend with just about anything!

This way, if you’re sporting bright green shorts and a yellow shirt, a tan, black, or white bandanna will blend perfectly.

Now that you know more about how to rock any occasion with a bandanna, it’s time to pick some out and take your style to the next level!


Image Source: Pixabay