How Muslim Clothing Changes From Country To Country

How Muslim Clothing Changes From Country To Country

Women choose to wear Muslim clothing as part of their religious conviction, tradition and quite simply because they want to, but what you might not realise is just how much it can vary in different parts of the world.

We’re going to take a look at the Hijab in this blog, as an iconic and essential item of Islamic clothing for many women and take a look at the variations it can take in different countries and cultures around the world.

The Amira is a popular choice for women in Iran

A simple two-piece head covering that doesn’t need pinning into place, this is commonly worn by women in Iran. An easy to wear slip on Hijab, it’s also popular in Europe where many women enjoy the elegance and simplicity of the design while wearing western clothing.

The Chador is another style of Hijab found in Iran. It takes the form of a long, floor-length piece of fabric worn around the body that’s attached to a smaller headscarf.

When we travel across to Indonesia and the Philippines, it’s the Kerudung style we tend to see

Originating from Indonesia, the Kerudung is a veil with a stiff visor that offers additional protection from the sun. With an undercap usually worn underneath, this style of hijab can be quite elaborate and unique with floral designs, additional fabric to create volume and other alterations to change the look.

There’s a significant difference to the style of hijab worn in Africa compared to elsewhere in the world

In Ethiopia and Somalia, it’s a turban style we tend to see with the head and hair completely covered. Often worn with an undercap to layer colours and patterns for effect, these versions of the hijab are pinned in place with brooches carefully chosen to match other jewellery.

The Turkish Hijab is renowned for being chic and classy

Full coverage remains a priority, but fashion and style are the order of the day in Turkey where chic and class can be easily achieved by tying the headscarf into an elegant bow to one side. This simple knot keeps it in place, looks feminine and can be embellished to suit.

You’ll find every kind of Hijab worn in the UK

As a melting pot of cultures, you’ll find almost every style of Hijab worn on the streets of Great Britain giving women the opportunity to experiment with their style and embellish their head covering to suit their fashion choices.