How IT Girls Wear The Fashion Basics

When it comes to the fashion basics and how to combine what, the best inspiration you can probably get is looking at how the IT girls wear them. Therefore, in this post we have compiled some of the fashion basics you definitely need in your wardrobe according to the IT girls:

Oversize blazers

Whereas blazers always have been a fashion basic to add to one´s wardrobe, oversize blazers are something every IT girl is wearing these days. It has kind of converted from a fashion trend to a fashion basic. The oversize blazer comes in different colors and prints and can be combined in loads of different ways, they basically give every outfit an instant wow-factor.

White shoes

If you think we are talking about white sneakers, you are mistaken, it´s white shoes! The white sneaker has converted itself in a staple piece for every girl´s wardrobe for a while already but lately also white shoes are considered fashion basics. From white boots to white mules….. who would have ever thought that white shoes would become a fashion basic? We certainly didn´t!


Yep, pretty much a no-brainer but the bodysuits are here to stay! Maybe the IT girls were first to realize, but when the mass also noticed that bodysuits make your look perfectly tucked…. this became a fashion basic for many!

Lace bras

Lace bras have also converted to a fashion basic thanks to many IT girls. Whether it´s just for personal beauty or to add a nice or sexy touch to an outfit where a little peek of lace bra can be spotted, lace bras are awesome!

Slip skirts

Slip skirts are in every IT girl´s wardrobe, they are definitely a fashion basic. The good part about this fashion item is that it is very versatile, you can find great plain slip skirts or with a print and they can be combined in many different ways.

White button-down shirt

The white button-down shirt is another must have for every IT girl. It is classy and can be combined in many different ways making it a very versatile fashion piece. Wear it with jeans and sneakers for a more casual look whereas with a pencil skirt and high heels you can rock any office day or more formal occasion.

So, if you want to get yourself some IT girl style, these are some basics to get you started with!