Healthy Snacks To Make For Ramadan

Healthy Snacks To Make For Ramadan

Abstaining from food and water can bring a number of challenges, but it’s the impact it has on our health that can pose the biggest problem. The lavish meals at iftar tend to be big, deep fried and generally containing all those ingredients we know are bad for us. Waking early for suhoor prevents us having the time (and often the energy) to prepare a healthy start to the long day ahead.

That’s why we’ve put together our favourite healthy snacks for Ramadan that are quick and easy to make and containing the nutrition we need to get through the Holy month without piling on the weight.

Quinoa breakfast bowls are quick and easy to prepare

You can batch prepare the quinoa at the start of each week and simply add your favourite toppings each morning. Quinoa is a superfood for a reason, it contains calcium, potassium and fibre to keep your body working well during the day ahead.

Overnight oats are an energy-packed start to the day

These are perfect for suhoor as the oats slowly release energy, along with being packed with protein and fibre. Take a cup of yoghurt and add 30g of oats before bed, then simply add your favourite toppings when you wake up and tuck in! You can always warm it up in the microwave for 30 seconds if you prefer something hot.

Egg and avocado on toast is a protein-packed snack

Protein is important for keeping our bodies functioning well and able to perform when needed during the day, so this snack is ideal for keeping our levels high. It’s quick and easy to make too. Simply toast your bread how you like it, spread some mashed avocado and add scrambled eggs (or go for poached eggs if you fancy something a little different).

Start the day with a fresh salad

Never considered eating salad for suhoor before? It’s a quick and easy meal to prepare that uses fresh vegetable, fruits and you can add protein-packed eggs to make it even healthier. Hard-boiled eggs will last a few days in their shells, so you can batch prepare this at the start of the week and let the family help themselves from containers each day to create their preferred salad combo.

Healthy snacks don’t have to be boring or difficult to make before dawn, why not experiment with our suggestions and get the children involved in preparing their suhoor meal each day?