Hair Extensions: Great Fashion Statement Or Hassle?

Hair extensions promise the world to us. Instead of patiently waiting until your hair grows, you can get instant length and volume and look amazing. However, are they indeed a miracle and a great fashion statement? Because apart from the stories about how awesome you will look, you don´t have to look very far to find pictures of ugly extensions. Or, exposed clips and ruined hair because of hair extensions. If you are seriously considering extensions, here are a few things to take into account before you make the decision:

The type of extensions matters

First of all, whether extensions are a hassle or not also depends on the type of extensions you are going for. For example, clip-in extensions might be a hassle when getting ready in the morning. Or when a heavy storm exposes your carefully styled hair-do and shows your clip. Synthetic extensions might not look as natural and therefore styling your hair might be more difficult to make it blend. But, for example, extensions from real hair bonded into your own hair can definitely be a fashion statement!

Tangled extensions

Some people are scared that their extensions get tangled or that their own hair starts falling out. Or having to deal with pain in the scalp area. However, when your extensions are placed well and you brush your hair every night with special attention to the roots, you can eliminate these worries!

Extra time styling

What could be considered a little bit of a hassle is that you might spend some extra time styling your hair. Because even if you pick extensions from real hair, the texture will still be different than your own hair. Therefore, the styling process in the morning might take a little longer than you are used to. But hey, if that is all the hassle it takes to look awesome with full, long, and shiny hair, it is still a pretty good deal according to us.

When done right, extensions can definitely be a great fashion statement. It can really give your hair a major upgrade and transform your look. Obviously, when not done right, they can be a hassle, and unfortunately often, you get what you paid for. Good, hassle-free extensions are not cheap. So, if you want to go for extensions, don´t fall for the temptation of a cheap option because in that case, they might actually become a hassle. Invest a little more and you will be happy with the result!