Great Hobbies For Teens To Prep Them For College

One of the greatest gifts is the gift of education. The second greatest gift of all is a solid preparation for University. One could argue that the third greatest gift of all is a handbag from Balenciaga, but perhaps that would be best to save for a graduation present. Whether your teen is thinking about attending University in the future or not, there are some hobbies that you should encourage that can help them perform well when the time comes.

Engineering Projects

Simple engineering projects can be a great hobby that will help your teen prepare for college. By engineering even the simplest of things, your teen will get a chance to practice mathematical skills that will serve them well at University.

Start a Blog

Blogging is another great way to help teens prepare for college. Writing well-written and well-researched blog posts will prepare your teen to conquer English classes when they begin their studies at University.

Writing a blog is a fun and clever hobby that many teens enjoy. Not only does it help prepare their young minds for college-leveled English classes, but it also gives them a chance to express themselves. A blog is a platform and each post they write will show something about their unique personality.

Healthy Cooking

Learning how to cook healthy meals can turn into a fun and fabulous hobby that will help teens fend for themselves in college as they will know how to cook their own meals. Better yet, they will know how to cook healthy meals. It might even inspire them to attend culinary school.

It’s important to remember that while cooking can be a great hobby, it’s also a vital skill, one that can open doors. A little healthy cooking can go a long way for a teenager!

Science Experiments

Conducting science experiments can be a fine hobby in and of itself. Science experiments can also prepare teens for college-leveled science coursework. Who knows, your teen might just be the world’s next brilliant scientist! If you have a daughter you should still encourage them to take interest in science, the world needs more women in science!

Tinkering with Electronics

We all know how teens love their electronic devices, but how many of them truly understand how those devices work? Teens who enjoy tinkering with electronics will be in a better position to take on college classes, especially if they go into something technical like Information Technology.


Image Source: Pixabay