Fresh Hat Styles Trending In 2021

Winter is in full swing for many of us and that often means colder days are upon us. Hats can be a perfect addition to our outfit that can not only protect us from the cold but also add a very stylish touch to our look. But what hat style to go for?

Here we have compiled a few fresh hat styles that are trending this winter:

Bucket hat

The bucket hat was already a big hit but in 2021 this hat style will go even further: think different textures, fabrics and decorations. If you already have a bucket hat, you can think about ways to upgrade it by adding details yourself. If you are in the market for a new bucket hat, look for something that will make your bucket hat stand out from the crowds and you will be good to go.

Wool beret

The beret hat is making a comeback as well and is definitely something you might want to consider if you are going on a shopping spree. When combined right, this look can be super cute and very fashionable. An example could be combining your wool beret with a plaid oversized jacket and some killer boots.

Cowboy rodeo hat

A nice rodeo hat can make any outfit look awesome. They are also called wide-brim hats and can really be used for any occasion where you want to add a fashionable touch to your outfit. From a shopping trip to Sunday brunch or a weekend getaway, this is a must-have hat for 2021 for sure.


Especially for a more casual outfit, a beanie is a great idea! The great amount of choice in colors, patterns and details, makes the beanie so versatile and fashionable. This hat is awesome for colder days because it will give you some warmth while looking very on point.

Faux fur hat

Looking at the runways, the faux fur hats are definitely trending this winter season as well so this might be a great buy as well for 2021. They are warm, fuzzy and super comfortable so dependent on the temperatures of where you live, this hat style might be perfect for you.


Ok, they are not technically hats, but bandanas and headscarves are definitely something to consider as well for 2021 because they are very fashionable right now. Also, they are perfect to cover up a bad hair day or to add a different touch to your outfit.