Eye Shadow Shades that Are Perfect this Time of Year


Winter might not be your favorite time of year, but there is one thing to be excited about over the cold months ahead, eye shadow! It’s customary to hop on over to a special color group when wearing eye shadow in the Winter. Don’t worry darling, we’ve got you covered, here’s an overview of some eye shadow shades that are positively perfect for this time of year!

Why Should You Wear Different Eye Shadow Colors in the Winter?

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to wear different eye shadow colors in the Winter, here’s your answer. When it comes to eye shadow, lighting is everything, and the lighting changes substantially throughout the Winter.

Notice how the lighting changes to pale shades of whites, grays, and blues in the Winter. Those changes in lighting affect your skin tone which subsequently affects how you look wearing eye shadow in certain colors. 

It’s not a bad thing, it’s something to have fun with. All you need to do is optimize your eye shadow color palette to match the unique shades and lighting of Winter.  

Solid Eye Shadow Colors for Winter

Your go-to eye shadow colors for Winter will be shades of taupe, white, and gray. Don’t think of this color selection as limiting, you can accentuate these colors and really make them pop by combining them with the right outfits.

For example, white eye shadow with a black evening dress and white or silver heels is a fabulous combination that’s sure to impress. Alternatively, you can combine taupe eye shadow with black denim jeans or slacks and a cherry-red blouse for dramatic effect. 

Don’t be afraid to try out different styles and see what works and suits your personality. Winter is a time to experiment with your eye shadow palette as well as your wardrobe. 

Saving the Best for Last

When it comes down to it, the absolute best eye shadow colors for Winter are shades of blues, purples, and black. These colors play to the lighting and general colors of Winter itself. When you wear metallic blue eye shadow and wear something gray, you take on the colors of Winter and make them your own. 

Black eye shadow with a midnight-blue dress looks stunning in the Winter, you can’t go wrong with this combination. 

There you have it darlings, now that you know the perfect eye shadow colors for Winter it’s time to get out there and update your palette which means you have some shopping to do!



Image Source: Pixabay