Everything You Need To Easily Workout At Home

With the current pandemic and the related stay-at-home orders or closed gyms, working out at home is simply the only option at the moment for some of us. However, also without COVID-19 restrictions, workouts at home can be very convenient and time-efficient. You don´t have to travel to a gym or studio, you can work out at the time that works best for you independent of opening hours, and in the process, you also save the money of an expensive membership. Definitely an option to consider, right?

We often think that to work out from home we need a lot of equipment and gadgets but this couldn´t be further from the truth. Honestly, all you really need is some space, workout clothes and maybe a mat for floor exercises and an internet connection if you want to do online workouts.

But, to be frank, there are some other, more intangible, things you need if you really want to make this work:

Figure out what type of workouts you like

If you don´t like yoga, doing yoga workouts at home is probably not the best plan for you. Therefore, first of all, you need to figure out what kind of workouts you like and find the right way of doing these. Do you like to create your own fitness routine, put some loud music on and get at it? Great! Do you like to do pilates classes from home? Perfect, find a great Youtube channel or online teacher and get going. Do you like to do 20min HIIT online? Design your own training or find an online plan you can work with. The key is to find the form of working out that you like so it can become something sustainable.


The difficulty often with at-home workouts is being consistent and committing yourself to training a number of times a week. If one day you train in the morning, the other day whenever you find 40 minutes during the day and two days after you train in the evening, you are not creating a sustainable routine. In order to make this a habit, you need some consistency.

Plan it in your agenda

Just like you would block your agenda for that spinning class at the gym you liked to go to, it is important to also plan your home workouts, so they actually happen. If your plan is to workout “somewhere during the day tomorrow”, it is very easy to have other things that need to happen as well take priority, e.g. laundry, having the cook lunch or dinner, grocery shopping, some work stuff you really need to finish…. All of it can feel more urgent than your workout and therefore the working out might be procrastinated until the day is actually over. Therefore, really make an appointment with yourself and block your calendar.

Happy working out!